Island hopping in The Bahamas


I’ve been dreaming of going to The Bahamas ever since I can remember. Locations with clear turquoise waters are definitely my favorite places to visit, and the Bahamas was the ultimate destination for those kinds of tropical vibes. The Caribbean as a whole is my favorite region to visit because of the water and is the epitome of the chill Island life.
I flew to Fort Lauderdale from Washington, D.C. on a 6:00am flight– despite how annoying it is to get up early, early flights are my favorite because you can get to theย destination earlier and still have time in the day to explore. In this case, my trip was via cruise, so I spent a little time in Fort Lauderdale before un-docking from Port Everglades.
Our boat was the Carnival Conquest, sailing from Ft Lauderdale to Half Moon Cay (Carnival’s private Island) and then to Nassau where Atlantis is. Our first and second day was spent at sea, and the entire time I was so anxious to get to where we were going so I could take pics :). The trip was planned for a good friends birthday, so we all went to comedy shows, karaoke, the adult pool deck, and had drinks of course. I even had time to get some pics in while on the ship…
The next morning, I got up at around 6am for breakfast and then waited until we were allowed off of the boat at 8. Because Half Moon Cay is super tiny, the cruise ship anchored about a half mile away from the Island and we had to take a smaller boat to get to the beach which was a fun experience.
The boat ride was about 5 minutes long and it dropped us in a hidden boat dock just on the tip of the island. After we got off of the boat, I headed straight to the beach and walked almost to the other end of the island to a more secluded area to get some good shots.
Half Moon Cay was probably my favorite island from this trip because the water was clearer, the waves were very soft, and it wasn’t touristy. I also found a mini jungle in Half Moon Cay, so I loved that too.
Here are some pictures from Half Moon Cay


The Next morning, we arrived in Nassau. I loved the beach and town in Nassau, but there was just so much going on– locals were everywhere trying to hustle you for beach chairs, coconut drinks, umbrellas, t-shirts, jet skiis, candy, banana boat rides, snorkeling, tours, and the list goes on. When we were in Half Moon, we were able to relax without worrying about anyone trying to sway us to buy something.. I’m sure this was because it was a private island…ย I even met a little boy, no older than 6, who was selling chips on the beach to help pay for his 6 sisters classes, he was so sweet and handsome… and I bought some chips ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyways, I loved the colors in Nassau more than in Half Moon. The sand was more yellow and the water was more turquoise, the only downside to the water was that it was a bit rough, but August is hurricane season so I’m the least bit surprised. The buildings in town were also full of color.
After the beach, we took a taxi into town… Our driver was an older woman who was very nice. She took us to her favorite fish fry spot in town called Twin Brothers. featured on the menu was many variations of fish, including Snapper which was a popular one, they even had a conch salad bar ๐Ÿ˜› I was definitely not going to try but thought it was cool.
Pics from Nassauย โฃ
20170806-IMG_4234 4
Thank you so much for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


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