Cayman Islands

This December, I decided to head to back to Grand Cayman for some tropical holiday vibes. Besides, it’s been cold and snowing in D.C., so I thought some new scenery would be a breath of fresh air.

Our itinerary was Dulles –> Fort Lauderdale –> Grand Cayman and it was a total of about 6 1/2 hours traveling time, leaving at 7a and getting to Grand Cayman at about 1:45p.

We stayed at The Westin along 7 Mile Beach, as I always do when visiting CI. The hotel underwent renovations since my last visit, and the new additions really added a touch of luxury to our stay. Our room had a king size bed with an ocean view which really tied our stay together. Waking up to a breeze coming through the balcony french doors and the sound of the waves crashing really put me in a deep sleep, haha :~). The Westin is probably one of the best choices of hotels to stay at on the island because it has the best beachfront, great food options, and the nicest staff. There’s really nothing I can say went wrong on our stay. All together, the hotel was beautifully decorated– definitely a home away from home.

Pictured below are some of the hotel layout and features.


You can see all that the Westin has to offer and book your trip here.

Our first and second day on the island consisted of pure relaxation. We woke up and had breakfast at Ferdinand’s (AMAZING), laid by the sea, snorkeled, had beautiful tasting drinks, and watched the sun go down on the beach. That evening, we headed to a sunset dinner at one of the Westin’s featured eateries and happy hour spot called The Beach Terrace, then we spent the rest of the night at the Catboat bar and met lots of great people.

20171218-IMG_7610.jpgOur third day, I of course woke up early and went for a walk on the beach and enjoyed some much needed beach yoga. This day in particular I was ready to get some action footage, so I looked into all the of excursions the island had to offer. Most resorts on 7 Mile Beach offer a third party excursion booth where you can rent jet skies, go for a banana boat ride, or take a boat Starfish Beach or Stingray City, etc. although going through the resort can be more expensive than going through an individual business on the island. Because of this, we decided to go off resort and took a catamaran to Stingray City and a reef gardens with Dexter’s Fantasea Tours.

Stingray City is a shallow sandbar about. It was really nice coming back to re-experience interacting with wild” stingrays as my first visit I was PETRIFIED, lol. It really is an experience of a lifetime and the rays themselves are docile and are rarely a threat to humans. Just about everyone who visits the island makes their way to Stingray city…. Also as a person who outwardly is anti-animal captivity, in no way is stingray city a place of captivity for these animals as they are 100% wild and have adapted to human presence over time. If you want to interact with marine life on your trip, I would recommend doing so in an environment that is natural to the animal, rather than interacting with them in environments where they are taught behaviors unnatural to them for human entertainment. Pictured below is our tour with DFT, you can also see more of the trip in my latest Youtube video linked at the end of this post โ†ฏ


To tell the truth, I was scared out of my mind clearly in some of those pics ๐Ÿ˜€ (sorry, some are unclear since I was using my iPhone with a waterproof case), lmao, I still ended up kissing one for 7 years of good luck though ๐Ÿ˜›

Dexter, our captain, was very knowledgable about the animals and even had named a few that he’s been a-keen to for years, haha ๐Ÿ™‚

There are a wide variety of companies that offer Stingray City excursions, but Dexter’s Fantasea Tours was the BEST on the island price wise, staff wise, he lets you bring your own alcohol on board, and he never overcrowds the boat, so your ride is extremely enjoyable.

If you’re planning to visit Grand Cayman, you can make a reservation with Dexter’s Fantasea Tours here.

The next few days I really just wanted to capture the beauty of the island, so I set out off-resort and walked around West Bay talking with locals and snapping pics.



Link to my Youtube Video:ย

Thanks so much for reading my post! My purpose would be so vague without you all. I hope one day you have the opportunity to visit this island and I can’t wait for you all to see where I go next! Comment and let me know what you think :~)

xox All the best,




  1. rae

    Beautiful recap! Looking at your photos put in me a state of nostalgia of when I first visited two years. Grand Cayman is special in my heart because it was my first solo trip I’ve ever taken. It’s definitely a great place to relax. I stayed in West Bay as well and LOVED the food at the restaurants close by my Airbnb! I can’t wait to return.

    Glad you enjoyed your time there! Stingray city and the bioluminescence snorkel tour were my favorite excursions!

    Liked by 1 person

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