What My Dream Life Looks Like…

I think of myself not just as a dreamer, but as a dream chaser.

~ Sarah Brightman

Something I vividly I remember doing all the time as a kid was daydreaming about what I wanted my future to look like. As I’ve gotten older and realized that all of those manifestations turned to realities: getting into a good college, traveling often, finding my passion, I wanted to write about what my dream life would look like now.

If I’m being honest, I feel like I’m living my dream life every day because part of getting to the full potential of your dreams is the journey, and through the journey, I am able to see the growth happening within myself that brings me closer to my bigger dreams every day. It’s an amazing experience, seeing your own self-transformation before your eyes.

I try to live in gratitude for what my current situation is right now and curate each experience I have in life, good and bad, into learning experiences and opportunity for growth.

Although I say I’m living my dream life now by trekking along on my destiny, there are obviously things in which I aspire to upgrade my lifestyle in all areas, as we all should ๐Ÿ˜› In my wholesome beautiful dream life I would:

  1. Travel the world full-time and create digital content as my career |ย I don’t feel attachedย to one place- I feel like any place where I can look up and see the stars is where I belong in that moment;ย  I also love being creative whether it be through my photography, YouTube videos, painting, or whatever else, I feel like creating content, sharing my life, and making a positive impact on the world is my calling and life purpose.
  2. Have a strong connection with the Universeย | Being in tune with the Universe is something I’ve been practicing for a short time now through meditation, a positive mindset, faith, and gratitude. It’s really helping me to feel and be of peace, love, and a positivity. It’s also guiding me into manifesting the future I desire and perfecting my newfound sense and awareness of self. Sometimes I catch myself falling into negative thoughts, so I really want to solidify living at a high frequency so I can fully receive all the greatness of the Universe.
  3. Be a successful entrepreneur | I’ve always known I wanted to be my own boss and determine what my days entailed. Something I specifically want to do is create my own online jewelry line
  4. Be surrounded by genuine, positive, accepting, and ambitious people | I’ve always been told it’s important to have like-minded people around you, many of which I have already ๐Ÿ™‚ but I hope to continue this trend of having a prosperous social circle.
  5. Live in an abundanceย of prosperity: financially, in opportunity, in health, and in friendships | I definitelyย want to be able to have my dream closet, all my student loan debt paid off, and then some. But most importantly, I want to be blessed with career expanding opportunities everywhere alongside being able to do yoga, eat 100% clean, meditate, and be my own boss every day.
  6. Advance the mission of causes I believe in, give back, & help othersย | Sustainable living, the ocean, clean water, and wildlife conservation are some of many causes I believe in. In my dream life, I would be in enoughย abundance of prosperity to give back a lot of what I receive.
  7. Have a beautiful eco-friendly, afro-bohemian decorated 4-level island home with floor to ceilingย windows and a rooftop pool overlooking lush mountains and the ocean |ย I have a thing for landscapes and interiors. I’m giggling at how specific this is, but I believe whatever you visualizeย is in your hands, with hard work of course. I want to be able to walk down wooden steps that lead to the ocean for a swim every morning at sunrise, drink my English breakfast tea with a slice of lemon outside on my balcony, and write posts on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Have myย own gardenย | This is so random! But true story, there’s nothing more pleasing to me than seeing things grow from the earth. It’s such a beautiful process. I feel like growing my own fruits and vegetables and having a flower and tropical plant garden would be so special! And while away on travels, I would have someone water themย โ€โโœฝโ™ฅ<(ยฐโ—กยฐ*)

Thanks for reading ’til the ends guys :)these 8 things pretty much sum up my dream life. Deep down I just want a healthy body and to feel free on the inside and outside, and I think that comes with following your bliss, practicing mindfulness, and trusting the universe with your wishes.

I hope you gained something from this list that maybe you would want to add to your own, describe your dream life in the comments? :~)

Falyn xx



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