Breaking Away from the Rat Race

Hey hey. Just here writing out my thoughts again ๐Ÿ™‚

A few nights ago I went out with friends who I’m heading to Bali with to discuss our excitement about the trip over some beers and a Caps game.

I hadn’t been out in such a long time and usually turn down invites when people ask me to go out because my focus has just been on building my brand, but I finally stepped out cause I figured ‘why the hell not, you just finished the semester and you’re going to Bali next week, have some fun!”

Nevertheless, going out probably changed my life (in a good way) and sparked a new fire in me. I caught an Uber home and somehow ended up in a conversation with my driver about traveling and living life freely. I told him I had just finished my last semester of college, not graduating, but just leaving school because I believed education has been brainwashed by ‘the system’ in order to maintain control and that education isย  utterly way too expensive and financial aid was nonexistent in my case (besides, my dreams lie elsewhere). I told him that I was uncomfortable living in a societal conformed box, and that the traditional, ‘normal’ way of life didn’t fulfill my soul and that I felt there was something greater for me to experience. I always questioned why MY intelligence had to be accredited by an institution and why being stressed out for 4 years straight deems ‘success.’ I get there’s this propaganda that getting a degree will land you better jobs and blah blah blah, but quite frankly, I don’t want to work for anyone else 40+ hours a week, wasting my life away. I’d rather work for myself doing what I love… but anyways… I could elaborate and go on forever about this but that is for another blog post. He proceeded to indirectly applaud me and told me his story: He got displaced from his job about 4 years ago and decided he was going to go to Thailand for 3 months solo. That three months turned into 9 months. And then a year, and so on. He raved about how the experience of being a backpacker in Asia changed his life and made him look at Western society life in a whole different way. He talked about all the people he met with the same mindset, those who were worn by the 9-5 (and often time more hours than that) and got sick of the pressures of money, status, and lack of time that plagues our realities and keeps us in this conformed box of spending our entire lives working and paying bills. He talked about how the cost of living and college tuition continues to rise so that people stay boggled down, working for the man for a lifetime.

I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t let that be my reality.

Before this conversation with my driver, I had a lot of these notions in my head. Growing up listening to Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, and many other artists that talk about human liberation through their art has brought me to a point in my life where I want to be truly liberated.ย  What’s to show from spending your entire life trying to survive, getting ripped off by taxes, living in a power struggle, and living for the weekend? I just can’t imagine myself walking into the same boring old workplace 5 days a week for multiple years at a time when there’s so much world to see and experience. I’m so sick of being in a society that promotes and creates competition. All people ask in school is ‘what’s your GPA,’ ‘what’d you get in that class,’ like education actually is supposed to define a person or assert intelligence. All the crap they half teach us is information that is readily available online now-a-days, as a matter of fact most of my professors stole all the homework they ‘made’ for my classes off of the internet.

I’m not saying all of this to promote laziness or not having a work ethic, but I think for creatives like me, I want to be able to wake up everyday and dictate my own life, be my own boss, make my passion my career, inspire others to follow their passions, make time for causes I believe in, and always have new experiences.

Let’s get this straight, I’m not knocking people who go to college, because I would probably stay and finish if I had a scholarship, a means of paying for it without accruing thousands in debt, or financial aid to do so. I also believe there’s professions that definitely need to be accredited with a degree; I would never go to a doctor who didn’t have a college education and wouldn’t be confident with a lawyer who didn’t go to Law School. But as I said before, I am a creative who desires to make my own schedule, be my own boss, pitch myself, accredit my own intelligence and value, and express myself through many art forms, and with social media these days, it’s possible to be very successful at doing so. It not only allows you to have that creative freedom, but you can spread yourself in many industries and just be yourself all with the benefit of financial freedom.

I just want to follow my passions and ‘capitalize’ off of that, rather than feeling like I have to work for someone else my entire life and live paycheck to paycheck spending most of my life sitting at a desk. There’s more to life.

The belief I have in the Universe lead me to believe this exact moment in that Uber was placed in my life for a reason. To motivate me more. To continue to solidify that following your dreams is the greatest gift of life because doing what you love trumps all fear of leaving that conforming box. I know that if I work hard at doing what I love (for those who don’t know me… photography, videography, YouTube, creating content, traveling the world, and more..) I will not only be happy but all my hard work will pay off and bring prosperity into my life.

I’m excited for this new adventure of stepping outside of the normal and setting my fears aside to chase the life I want. I hope this blog post inspires a little of that in you as well.


As always, thanks for reading. XO.

























reaking Away from the Rat Race


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