Bali Photo Journal

ARRIVING20180518-IMG_2632.jpgArriving to Bali via Singapore Airlines. The service was amazing and the plane was so comfortable to me, felt like a princess.


THE VILLA20180518-IMG_0060-2.jpg20180518-2G1A6831.jpgThis is Agu 🙂 – he came with his mom when she would clean our villa.20180519-2G1A6932.jpg20180518-2G1A6843.jpg20180518-2G1A6836.jpg20180518-2G1A6826.jpg20180518-2G1A6827.jpgThe sunrise was amazing20180518-2G1A6782.jpg20180518-IMG_0044-2.jpg20180518-IMG_0058.jpg

EXPLORING CANGGU20180518-IMG_0020.jpg20180518-IMG_0028.jpg20180521-IMG_3064.jpg20180518-IMG_0045.jpg20180518-IMG_0025.jpg20180518-IMG_0019.jpg20180518-IMG_0030-2.jpg20180520-IMG_2940.jpg20180518-2G1A6928.jpg20180518-2G1A6854.jpg20180519-2G1A6939.jpg20180519-2G1A6946 2.jpgPups everywhere 😛 20180519-2G1A6958.jpg20180519-2G1A6935 2.jpg

BEACH DAY ❤20180519-2G1A6967.jpgCoconut water pls c(;20180518-IMG_0037.jpg20180518-IMG_0034-2.jpg20180519-2G1A6985.jpg20180519-2G1A6990.jpg

NUSA PENIDA 20180520-IMG_0080.jpg20180522-DJI_0016.jpg20180522-DJI_0007-2.jpg20180520-IMG_0109.jpg20180520-IMG_0087.jpg


Shot on the DJI Mavic Pro Drone. Shop DJI Mavic Pro here.



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